Boiler control

Boiler Control Performance Problems


We can solve your boiler control performance problems. Typical problems include:


 Preventable boiler trips


 Control loops run in manual


 Slow ramp rates


 Multi-boiler imbalances


 Multi-fuel imbalances


 Problems handling variable BTU fuels


 Problems with controls to handle the unique requirements of your plant (for example, cogeneration).


 Control difficulties because cross limits are hit when not near fuel rich conditions


 Large cyclic variations in MW output, main steam pressure and drum level


 Poor or out-of-date air/fuel characterization



Boiler Control Loop Tuning Services


Often, boiler control performance problems are caused or aggravated by poor controller tuning. Control loops that we tune include:


 Furnace Pressure Control


 Air Flow, Cross Limiting, O2 or CO Trim, Air/Fuel Characterization


 Fuel Flow, Fuel Master, Btu Compensation


 Drum Level and Feedwater Control


 Superheat Temperature Control


 Feedwater pH Control


 Reheat Temperature Control


 Dearator Level Control


 Boiler Masters


 Turbine Masters


 Unit Management Controls


 Turbine Follow

 Boiler Follow

 Coordinated Control


 Run Backs And Rundowns


 Heater Level Controls


We will make sure your controls maximize boiler efficiency and comply with the NFPA 85 code.


Additional Services:


We have extensive experience in boiler and process control. Some additional services that we provide include:


 Boiler start-up tuning and control commissioning


 Pre-startup tuning estimates


 Dynamic computer simulation of complex systems to test new control approaches and develop optimum controller tuning


 Application of advanced regulator controls to improve control performance for more demanding control applications


 Preparation of tuning reports documenting results and tests.