PID Tuning and Training

PID Tuning Experiences


PID Tuning Classes – We teach a PID controller tuning course.  The one-day class has been given many times over the past ten years to over 100 students.


Tuning Applications - We have applied the methods that we teacher to hundreds of industrial control loops using many different hardware platforms (e.g., PLC’s, DCS’s and Hybrid systems) in many different industries.  We have developed a great deal of expertise in doing dynamic testing on processes without causing significant upset.


Some recent tuning experiences include:


· Tuned many of the critical control loops including plant master controls for a 500 megawatt coal fired power plant.


· Tuned temperature loops on batch reactors for a pharmaceutical pilot plant.


· Tuned loops on the auxiliary boilers for a large oil refinery.


PID Tuning Related Publications:


I-L. Chien and P. S. Fruehauf  “Consider IMC tuning to improve controller performance”, Chemical Engineering Progress  33 (October 1990).


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Paul contributed to and provided critical review to the popular tuning pamphlet: “CONTROLLER TUNING AND CONTROL LOOP PERFORMANCE, A PRIMER, SECOND EDITION” by David W. St. Clair (December 1993)